Your guarantee

Dear customer, we have been serving more than 50 000 active customers for over 35 years in Switzerland only. This proves that our clientele is very important to the management of our company and to all its staff.

Our business policy’s most important goal is to satisfy our customers and therefore:

  1. All the products of Supair-Tel are environment-friendly.
  2. We only sell products that have been personally used and tested by us and our clients.
  3. We do not make ‘false promises’. What we say and describe is accurate.
  4. The quality of our products has to be entirely satisfying to our clientele.
  5. Only satisfied customers will also remain loyal to our products and recommend them.
  6. In case of complaint we respond immediately.
  7. Our sales consultants are happy to receive your call at our free hotline 0800 787 247 (within Switzerland only) or our telephone number +41 44 872 16 16

For emergencies our company management is at your disposal.
Only a real partnership keeps our customers happy.

We thank you for your confidence,

Supair-Tel, 8152 Glattbrugg